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Domica: the largest assortment of rented housing in the Netherlands

Domica: the Dutch letting agent! Domica offers an unbeatable variety of rented housing ranging from detached villas to student rooms and from apartments to houseboats. Domica has the widest selection in all price brackets and, in practically every case, the housing is immediately available.

If you want to rent somewhere to live to bridge the time between selling your old home and waiting for your new house to be built, have plans to live together, or are perhaps going to university, there is a large chance that Domica has the type of rented housing that you are looking for. Our local offices always have a broad selection to match your accommodation requirements.

There are a lot of snags to renting a home from a (public sector) housing corporation or housing association. For example, you often have to be on the waiting list for a long time before you are allocated a home or you might earn too much to be eligible for public housing. In both these cases, Domica is the ideal alternative. In a nutshell, renting through Domica is professional, transparent and certainly not too expensive.

There are plenty of reasons for preferring to rent a house. For example, you might have plans to start living together with your partner in the near future, you might also be temporarily posted to another town or city for your work, or you might simply not have any confidence in today's housing market. In all these situations, renting is the best option! Register free of obligation today at one of Domica's offices and you will be settled in your new home before you know it!

Letting your home is best left to a specialist!

Domica is a reliable, professional and active estate agent specialised in renting and letting residential property. These core values form the basis for the way in which all our offices operate, which is probably why Domica is the fastest growing letting agent in the Netherlands. Our approach, combined with local entrepreneurship, makes us an important player in the letting market!

The types of house-seekers in our database vary widely from expats to first-time buyers looking for somewhere to live temporarily. We maintain a broad selection of rented housing available for all our target groups, which is why we are always looking for housing to let in all price brackets. If you have a studio, apartment, family house, villa or penthouse available and want to feel confident about letting it quickly and reliably, contact your nearest Domica office!

Our organisation is growing fast. Domica has offices in Amersfoort, Amsterdam, Apeldoorn, Arnhem, Dordrecht, ’s-Hertogenbosch (Den Bosch), Eindhoven, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Venlo and Zwolle. Keep an eye on this site because Domica will be opening new offices over the next few months! Domica will be in your local area before you know it!