Apartments for rent in Eindhoven

Apartment for rent Eindhoven

Congratulations you have successfully search! Are you looking for an apartment to rent in Eindhoven. Domica Eindhoven is a specialist when it comes to the rental of houses and apartments in Eindhoven and surroundings. With national coverage of more than 20 offices we guarantee you within four weeks an appropriate rent with us found! Eindhoven Eindhoven is the fifth municipality of the Netherlands to population. The city counts 217,120 inhabitants (1 January 2012, source: CBS) on a territory of 88.84 km ². The city of Eindhoven is part of the Framework Area SRE and the urban network Brabantstad.


The agglomeration of Eindhoven (not to be confused with the partnership), comprising among others the municipalities of Eindhoven, Eindhoven, Best, Nuenen and Geldrop-Mierlo, has nearly 440,000 inhabitants in an area of approximately 540 km ². In the SRE live about 700,000 people. The city of Eindhoven reached on 15 February 1999 the population of 200,000. The city is still growing: on 1 January 2009, the city had 212,342 inhabitants and the prognosis is that number in 2020 will have risen to 231,000. Apartment for rent Eindhoven Are you interested in an apartment or house to rent in Eindhoven and surroundings, do not hesitate to contact us at 040-7820040, our expert staff are always happy to help.


Do you prefer personal contact, you are welcome to our office at Hoogstraat 10 in Eindhoven!