Rent an apartment in Den Bosch? call Domica Den Bosch

Do you want to rent your apartment in Den Bosch? Domica Den Bosch is your partner in the rent of your apartment or house in 's-Hertogenbosch. Domica has contact with many potential tenants in 's-Hertogenbosch and surrounding areas. 

Domica Den Bosch will assist you in finding the right tenant for your apartment. We will place your property on over 30 different websites where many people are looking for their (temporary) new home. When we think we have found a candidate, the potential tenant will be screened to see if he can pay for the apartment and whether he meets the requirements. Domica also helps you in drawing up a contract. T

he contracts of Domica are always based on the rules and laws of rent properties. In addition Domica is specialized in managing properties. This means that you could also choose to let Domica take care of everything. 

Please feel free to contact Domica Den Bosch by calling +31(0)73-6128110 or email to

You can contact us with questions about renting out your apartment or to make an appointment with one of our specialized employees to discuss the possibilities.