Find your new home with Domica, free of any worries!

The houses Domica offers on her website is in commission with the landlord.
But in a lot of cases it is interesting to place a paid search for private houses by one of the Domica offices. Is the city you are looking for property still unknown territory? Are you never in time to react on a nice home? Your dream home is already rented? You just can’t find the time to schedule viewings? You don’t look forward to negotiate about rent and rental conditions? The Domica brokers will help you out and  search for your new home!

The Domica leasing roadmap:

1.    Determine your desires for your ideal home:
What are you looking for? What is your budget? Your Domica broker helps you with determining your home desires. Based on your wishes we will make a search. Once determined your broker will start looking for a home in our extended network that meets your wishes and desires  

2.    Schedule a viewing
Your Domica broker will  schedule one or more viewings for your new home. . Of course we will pick you up at work, your current home or any other place.  The broker will show you the neighbourhood (and all the nice hotspots!) and the home(s). Aren’t these homes what you are looking for? We will continue our search. If you have found your new home we will negotiate with the landlord until we have reached  an agreement. 

3.    Negotiate
We want to offer the best deal for you! To achieve this we will go into a negotiation with the landlord about the rental conditions, the rent and the rental period. We check the state of the property and others practical things, like the energy label and insurance.. If all the parties have reached an agreement the rental agreement will be drafted. The Domica broker will check the lease  contract and discuss everything with you. In the end all your Domica broker will make sure all  parties will sign the contract.

4.    Financial settlement
The lease contract has been signed and the date for the key transfer for your new home is getting closer.. Your Domica brokers guides you through the first payment of the rent and/or deposit.

5.    Key transfer
The key transfer and the date for the rehousing are almost there. The Domica broker will advise  you  about the rehousing so you will have a good and careless start in your new home. Domica can assist you with contracts for   gas, water, electricity,  TV and internet. This allows you to settle down carefree in your new home. Your Domica broker is there with you when you receive the keys . We will provide you  a complete report about the inspection (including pictures).

The moving boxes can be unpacked in your new home! Unfortunately you need to unpack them by yourself but your Domica broker always stands by during your rental period for questions!

You want to hire a Domica broker? Curious about the price for a search? Call the Domica broker in your neighbourhood.