Domica Amsterdam, the broker who help you find your new home

It is a difficult task to find a suitable apartment in Amsterdam. The demand of rental apartments is high, however the supply of rental apartments in Amsterdam is small. Especially if you’re (still)not familiar in Amsterdam there are many issues to deal with: the various city boroughs do not tell you much, you are not familiar with local regulations, nice apartments are rented out very fast, parking is difficult or you simply haven’t got the time to schedule viewings.

If you want to be properly supervised during the search for a suitable apartment in Amsterdam, one of the brokers of Domica Amsterdam will be glad to help you. He or she has an extensive network and is aware of all new properties and can fully assist you in the search for your new 'home'. Your Domica broker will accompany you during visits and can tell you all about the hotspots in the different Amsterdam districts, the connection by public transport to work, screens the landlord, the contract and above all a Domica Amsterdam broker negotiates in order for you  to realize the best deal Expats will obviously be assisted in English.

Why should you contract a Domica Amsterdam broker?
• Within days, we will find your new home in Amsterdam
• No waiting lists
• Negotiate about the rental price
• Assistance with the entire process, contractual and financial settlement to the keys

Briefly a Domica broker knows the market and the city of Amsterdam. He or she will advise and guide you in every way to find your new home is Amsterdam!

Let one of the Domica Amsterdam brokers inform you about the possibilities and costs. Call us at 020-6391149.