Domica Zwolle, partner in renting in Zwolle

The hiring and managing all types of housing and commercial real estate in Zwolle is the great strength of Domica Zwolle. What started with a few rooms and a number of houses has quickly become a file with thousands of rental properties and now manage a large portfolio.

In Domica Zwolle we know exactly what steps need to be put in order to achieve a successful and successful mediation between landlords and tenants. The starting point is that we never rent, which we do not believe. We take care of the fact that we assume a landlord can go to Domica with a decent tenant who is fully screened and meets all requirements "A home must finally feel like a second skin for the first time when you step inside. 

Our special approach - which we all wishes of the client mapping - we guarantee that a living object which Domica viewing evidence as to fully meet the requirement. The feeling between the parties tenant and landlord) plays an important role. The power of Domica Zwolle: Daily work with short lines. That is the most successful method.

A phone call or email should suffice for a problem or complaint from a landlord or tenant to resolve. The same applies to the daily management of living. In the near future, Domica Zwolle like to focus on the rental and management of living in new construction projects.

In Domica Zwolle, we are confident that this will become a success. About the future, we're not worried. Are you looking for a good partner in rental and property management (large or small) in size. is your partner to this success. 

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