Rent your second home

Second House Owners

A second home can be an attractive investment. Within a short time, you can generate a lot of extra income by renting out your second home. However, renting an apartment means extra work. Like finding a reliable tenant and draw up a contract. Domica gladly assit you!

Benefits second rental property

When you decide to rent out your second home, this has two advantages;
1. No tax on rental income
On the rental income from a second home, you pay no tax. Are you wondering what price you can ask for your apartment for rent? Ask our specialists.
 2. Less investment yield
 According to the Tax reduces the value of a second home with rental. This means you have to pay less capital gains in some cases.

Let advise you

Who is considering buying a second home for the purpose of selling, you must take into account a number of financial obligations. The payment of the capital return tax, commuter tax and municipal taxes for example. To take full advantage of renting out your second home, it is therefore wise to make advance advise. The specialists of Domica are aware of all legal matters.

Letting hour home through Domica

Letting your house via Domica gives you some comforts, we gladly explain you all the rules.