Let your own house via Domica

Let your own house

Your own house temporary hiring is a good option if your home is for sale. That way you can overcome a bad time in the housing market. Not only because it covers your costs, but also because your house is not empty, it is also less attractive for squatters and vandalism. Domica assist you in finding a reliable tenant.

Rules temporary rental

If you want to rent your home temporarily, you should consider a few things. When renting your own home, you often need permission from your bank. In addition, you must request a permit from the municipality to use the 'vacancy law'. The vacancy Law is special for the temporary rental of houses for sale. The advantage of the vacancy is that you do not have to take into account all rent control provisions, such as is the case with the ordinary rental.  This makes it easier for you to rent your own home. Domica gladly helps you with this.

Read more about the Vacancy Law: leegstandwet.

Let your own house via Domica

Domica has extensive experience in temporary rental of private homes. Our specialists can inform you about the rental rules to make sure that everything runs according to the rules. Our brokers know the local market well and help you to find a suitable tenant. We screen our tenants creditworthiness and always provide reliable candidates.

Would you provide more information about the rental rules of your own home or would you like your house? Please contact us!