Rent your home? Check the rules.

Rental Rules

It is advisable to study the rental rules when you're thinking about renting out your home. In the Netherlands letting/rening is a complex matter. Do not fall into the many traps and get advice from a specialist Domica.

Which rental rules apply?

The rules for hiring and renting are quite complex. Would you rent your second home indefinitely or just temporar? The temporary rental of your property, for example when your home is for sale, you need a Vacancy Law permit. In this case, the tenant enjoys less security of tenure than in case of a lease for an indefinite period.

The seven major rental rules

1. Consent of the bank
In most mortgage deeds is, rental permission must be requested from the bank.
2. Owners Association
 Does your home is part of an apartment building? It is wise to check whether you are required to report or to request permission to rent out your property. This is often in the regulations or the deed of division.
3. Taxes
Letting your home will affect your tax and mortgage interest. The leasing rules that affect your tax situation vary. It is therefore wise to discuss your personal situation with a Domica specialist.
4. Insurance
Home insurance and liability insurance can be important in the rental of your property.
5. Rental Agreement
In a lease, the agreements you make with the landlord will be recorded in a rental agreement. A number of agreements are required to take, other arrangements vary by situation. What issues are important, we can tell you exactly.
6. Energy
 It is obliged to hand over an 'Energielabel' to the tenant when renting out your home. For more information on the energy label, please visit
7. Rental price
There are various factors concerned with determining the level of rent. Prices differ for social housing and privately owned homes. Our consultants will assist you in determining the value of your own home.

8. Calculate rent
Take more information about the rental rules us.
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