Calculate the rental price

For what price can a property be rented? Calculating a fair rental price is not always easy. There are various factors play that determin the level of rent. The main guidelines we have put together. Our consultants help you to calculate the correct rent for your own home.

How much rent may I ask?

There is a difference between the official rent that may be counted under the Law (social housing) and the market (private sector). If you want to rent your own home, then there is first a scoring to determine which group your property is.

Calculating social rent

Does your house is determined not more than 143 points, then the house falls under the 'social housing' law. You may not exceed € 710.68 asking for the basic rent (price level 2015). That is the rent without service charges and charges for gas, water and light. This point system is also called the property valuation system (WWS) and applies to all independent houses. The calculation based on the score gives a good impression of the rent that you can ask for your own home. Points are awarded based on, among other quality, the energy and the surface area of ​​the house.
Please note that for rooms and national monuments another system applies to calculate the rent.

Determine market

The market price is the price to pay tenants for a property. This price is determined by supply and demand. Do you want to know what price you can ask for the rental of your property in the private sector? Let our consultants then help you determine the rental price. Here we take into account the location, property type and demand.
 One of our experienced Domica consultants will gladly assist you to determine the rental price.