Domica is VBO-member

Domica is VBO-member!

The VBO (Real Estate Agents Association) is an organization for real estate agents. It is the most active trade association whose membership is still growing rapidly. VBO Brokers are trained and qualified brokers and are regularly tested on their knowledge. To ensure the level of knowledge, continuing education is mandatory for members. One VBO agency additionally must adhere to the code of conduct of VBO, an independent disciplinary committee sees to this. Before you have a guarantee that Domica date knowledge in house and offers you the best quality.

Why choose a VBO Broker?

Both the Consumentenbond and Vereniging eigen Huis advise to choose a VBO agency. This opinion is based on results from a comparative study which revealed that VBO brokers offer the best service for an attractive rate.

What does it mean that Domica is VBO member?

  • We are certified
  • We stand for quality,
  • We know the local market inside
  • We are reliable
  • We are customer-oriented,
  • We know all the rules and regulations
  • we have actual knowledge,
  • we must adhere to the code of conduct of the VBO

 Your home on

As VBO member we can also place your rental property on the largest housing platform in the Netherlands. This is in addition to the standard entry of our own website and many other rental sites.
In short, you are looking for a rental agent that provides the best services for the best prices? Then choose Domica!
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