All facts about finding a rental property in The Netherlands

Holland is known for being tolerant and cosmopolitan, and in large cities dozens of cultures live side by side, so it’s common to find expats from all over the world living and working together in different areas. The Netherlands i a popular country for expats to work and live. 

Short-term leases are available in the Netherlands, but demand for accommodation is high in larger cities like The Hague, Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Utrecht and Rotterdam.
Real estate agent Domica knows that housing in these areas is expensive, but smaller surrounding villages are usually cheaper. Most facilities are available in these small towns, including stores, supermarkets and sports facilities. But expats who want to sample the top restaurants, cinemas and exclusive shops will need to visit the city. 
The east of Holland offers a more relaxed and green environment with farms, woods and lakes. Housing here is cheaper and more spacious than in the west. At the website of Domica, offers listings throughout the Netherlands; from Amsterdam to Enschede and from Groningen to Venlo.
Domica offers rental rooms, apartments and houses in the Netherlands

The bigger cities offer a range of accommodation, including houses with three or four bedrooms, apartments (mostly two or three bedrooms) and small rooms to rent. Finding suitable space in the centre of a large city can be difficult. A lot of people a looking for a property to rent, more than the available amount of properties.

Househunting in the Netherlands starts with Domica
The state of housing in the Netherlands is generally good because of strict laws concerning the environment and construction regulations. Home security isn't a major concern and security alarms are relatively rare. Larger houses may have them, but most apartments do without. When  renting older houses it's best to check for damages, which many people do with the help of someone who knows about construction and building. Off course you can rely on the experts of Domica!
When renting accommodation in the Netherlands, expats should confirm what exactly is included in the rental agreement; utilities, for example, aren't always covered and may be considered an additional expense for the tenant. The depost, in most cases is one montjs rent, and will be are returned when the tenant moves out, provided the house is in the same state as it was when they moved in.
In most cases Domica will stay administrator of the property during the rental contract; your will stay in tough with our brokers. 
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