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Ede is a medium-sized town in the province of Gelderland, a city on the move, a highly developed residential and green city with an ever growing economic activity. The site currently has 68,000 Edepeople. In the bowl of Ede are the places Bennekom, Lunteren,Wekerom, Ederveen, Otterlo. The entire bowl currently has 108,000 inhabitants. Rots-Vast Group has rental houses in these places. Edeis a growing core that still much has changed. The old town has beenrestored. Behind the new goals provide a resurgence in thedowntown area. Despite this major renovation and restoration, not everyone is happy about the new center of Ede. The municipalitytries to do something here by extra green to realize the squaresreconstruction. This leaves Ede moving for its inhabitants.

In recent decades, neighborhoods like Rietkampen Maanderengand built (with the Gate and connector). Currently, the development and construction of Kernhem, which crossed the N224 became a fact. Ede is therefore ideally situated in terms of highways and main roads to Arnhem, Wageningen, Bennekom, Lunteren, Wekerom,Ederveen, Otterlo and other places in the area. 

As a resident of Ede you live almost anywhere in the "green".Forests and hills are within walking distance. Domica Arnhem and Ede is proud to be able to rent houses rent in this region groende.Also for students you have Domica Arnhem and Ede to the right place. Close to the Ede Christian college we rent rooms and housesfor several people.
It seems sometimes very difficult to find a rental in Ede, except withthe help of Domica Arnhem Ede. We do not use a waiting list.Domica in Arnhem and Ede are just a short term rental or your dreamimmediately.

Domica assist you in finding a rental apartment in Ede.

Looking for a rental agent in Ede? Then you Domica to the right place. Ede as rental agent help you find a suitable rental apartment in Arnhem. On this website you can use the advanced search yourpreferences. You can register directly online, so a professional can help rental agent Ede. They advise you to identify suitable propertiesavailable, provide and arrange a tour for you