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Elst is a town in the Gelderland town Overbetuwe. Elst has 20,561 inhabitants (January 1, 2010). Until 2001, Elst an independent municipality. On January 1, 2001, the congregation merged with the municipalities Valburg Elst and Heteren to the Overbetuwe. Elst is located between Arnhem and Nijmegen and is accessible via the A15 and A325. There is also a station with direct train and bus connections to the same cities. Because the village is located between Arnhem and Nijmegen, the very popular home for commuters. Partly because Elst is growing fast. Since 2004 they are building the capital's West Window, which ultimately Elst 2500 houses to get. South of the village rises a new residential area, Vinkenhof. There is also a new bypass around the center built, making it faster from A to B , without traveling through the centre or over the traintrack. Elst is located in the Betuwe, lots of fruit is grown here. The Elstar apples are therefore from Elst. Each year various events are organized in Elst. The Nijmegen Marches walk through Elst every year on the first walking day. Zet m op Carnivals Association holds an annual Carnival and Summer Carnival Two times a year a fair is a held at Europa-Square. There is also an annual fair, street festival musicians, ice skating in the winter, Elst-on-stilts, Elst at night, flea market, youth triathlon on Rijkerswoerdse lakes etc. Late 12th early 13th century created the horse market. With a view from the center (main street) on the tower of Elst (Elster Tower) The trade in horses is held here for several centuries. 

The horse market van Elst is extremely popular and is a real attraction for the wider environment in both economic and tourism aspects. The whole core of Elst is full of horses of all shapes and sizes. True if the horse tradition in the Netherlands to witness one can go here. This horse market is known as one of the largest in the Netherlands. Here one can choose from at least 2000 horses and ponies.

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