Domica: rent a house, apartement or studio in Arnhem

Rent a house in Arnhem:

Domica Arnhem has plenty of listings availble: Studio, room, apartments, houses and villa’s You need an nice accommodation in Arnhem-provincial capital (Gelderland) and surroundings you for a few months, several years or indefinitely to rent.

Domica Arnhem is specializes in temporary and permanent hire an extensive network of tenants and extensive knowledge of tenancy law and regulations.


• offer an interview to measure the possibilities and conditions of the rental and advice on the rent •

bring your room to the attention of candidates, both with an ad on Domica, and on partner sites like

• find and select prospective tenants.

We always inform the candidate to you, so you can decide if the proposed candidate must also start renting the accommodation. • facilitate the visits to the candidate.

• creates a lease customized to your situation

We can next to the rental, you wish to assist with the technical (maintenance and repairs) and financial management (collection, checking and paying the rent). T

hrough our network in the spacious property also enables us your home quickly and easily hire the ideal candidate.

Domica Arnhem: Here you will find the best renting property in Arnhem and Gelderland.