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 Zwolle in the Middle Ages on a sand ridge between the IJssel and the Vecht to the river Aa. Over time, Zwolle has expanded into a big city. To date, Zwolle in 17 districts and 6 industrial sites. There are several colleges in Zwolle, causing many students residing in the city. In the historic center of Zwolle are many attractions including the Peperbus and Sassenpoort. The Peperbus is the famous tower of Zwolle and with its height of 75 meters from afar to see. The Sassenpoort Zwolle is the only gate still intact. This gate was also a status symbol for the city. Zwolle is also known for its restaurant Librije. The Librije was the second Dutch restaurant in history his third Michelin star in 2004. The three Michelin stars mean that the restaurant has an excellent cuisine which is worth the trip. A better guarantee of quality is not there. Zwolle is a hub for automobile and rail traffic. Nevertheless, the strategic position only after 1950 approved by the city council and in favor of the urban uses. The result was that after 1950 Zwolle growing explosively in the number of inhabitants.

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To provide our services in Domica Zwolle to the widest possible public service to make, we focus not only on the leasehold in Zwolle, but also in the surrounding villages and towns such Meppel and Kampen. Do you want to rent or let go or start investing in real estate through the largest brokerage firm in Zwolle (Domica) with the highest success rate then you have come to the right place. You can directly apply online but you can also with one of our staff at our office on Assendorperstraat 8 Zwolle visit. They help you the right apartment, room or studio in Zwolle or vicinity.

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