Pros and Cons of moving to the Netherlands

Moving to the Netherlands from a Western culture is on the whole a painless experience. The Dutch strive for an egalitarian society and are known for their liberalism, welcoming religions and traditions from elsewhere. But this doesn’t mean the Netherlands doesn’t have its own rich cultural heritage – far from it.
Moving to Holland enables expats to continue their own cultural practices, but they should be willing to explore and embrace Dutch culture.
Finding rental accomidation in The Netherlands 

One of the world’s most densely populated countries, living in an apartment is commonplace in the Netherlands. Domica, the biggest rental agency in the Netherlands knows all about this!

Pro, Holland offers a wide variety of rental accomodationa

Expats can rent apartments in various styles and locations to suit their budget – but it makes sense to live in the city where amenities and new friends will be close by. Rental accomidation in The Netherland is generally of a high standard and most apartments feel spacious with large windows and high ceilings.

Con, extra costs

Expats will need to move quickly when they find an apartment; the best ones get snapped up quickly. And although light and airy, the Dutch tendency to tack the kitchen onto the living room’s back wall isn’t always practical.

Apartments in the Netherlands are either furnished, unfurnished or advertised as a shell. Shell apartments may seem like a bargain, but renting one often means having to buy everything, including carpets and white goods.
Domica offers shell, furnished and unfurnished apartments in all price ranges. Domica has 19 offices throughout the Netherlands, we gladly assit you!